miércoles, 16 de julio de 2008

Feliz cumpleaños señor :)

Lo siento, hoy no te puedo desear un feliz no-cumpleaños, eso será mañana ^^
(y el día siguiente y el siguiente..)
Esta canción me gusta mucho, que mejor regalo que dedicar una canción...jajaja...lo que es ser pobre.
En fin, para ti, Anata no Birthday (your birthday, del soundtrack de Ah! My goddess) :

♪♪ The wind quietly blows in the sun Tossing the lace curtains, it has come
to play I put the black tea on in the light early afternoon It's a nice time as
I wait for you to come home
Today is your birthday I have been counting the
days Since today is a very special day What shall I make for you?
* You were
born and this was how we met Thanking God isn't enough What I can do for you is
only a small thing I always pray for your happiness
I kiss a strawberry and
put it on the cake And then I murmur to it, asking it to be delicious
is your birthday I place a ribbon your present You said it was pretty Why don't
I decorate with flowers?
No matter how old we get, I'll be by your side

I was definitely born to be with you ♪♪

♥ Felicidades de nuevo Alejandro... ^^


Prince Heartless said...

Feliz Cumpleaños Squizhi!!!! n__n

Que te regalen muchas cosas! ^^

Mad Hatter said...

aaa gracias muchas!!! me gusto mucho!!! eres la mejor! y tmb gracias a ti leoon =)! los kiero !
y y y shirisbiuriful!

aa y zeleste aun t falta hacerme el pastel!

¿Quieres ir?

Mes a mes :)

Al país de las maravillas...